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Unko Brian

Aloha and welcome to my passion. I grew up on the island of Kaua'i and have been spearfishing for over 40 years. I started my social media pages to share some of the knowledge I've acquired. Throughout my journey, I've tried many different types of spearguns and equipment from the majority of manufacturers worldwide. This website is a collection of the highest quality speargun components currently available. Sourced internationally, rigorously tested by myself, and many of my customers.

Ever dream of building your own speargun? 

Feel free to shop around, ask questions, and let's work together to make it a reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get a single or double roller kit?

That all depends on your target species and hunting conditions. For reef diving while targeting small to medium fish a single roller will get the job done nicely. If you intend to dive either deep reef or in blue water conditions for large pelagic species a double roller is recommended. A double roller is really 2 guns in one. It can either be used with one band and a 7mm shaft on the reef with a reel; or in the deep with a larger diameter shaft and a breakaway system.

Do the conversion kit rubbers come assembled?

They do not. You will need to cut the included rubber to size and tie your own bands. If you need help, I can tie your bands for a $15 fee (per pair of bands). 

How is shipping calculated?

United States shipping is calculated by location, cubic dimensions, and weight using Pirate Ship. Insurance is available upon request, to protect your order from damage or loss. Sorry, I do not ship products internationally.

What are the payment options?

Payment is accepted by Cash or Venmo Brian Fern @unkolearnuhow
Please do not send payment until we can discuss the exact shipping charges to your location. Always make Venmo payments as a friend. That will save us both money.

How can I order a custom built speargun?

Either send me a direct message via IG @unkolearnuhow or through this website to discuss your options and pricing.

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Alex Spivak

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Leo Mourao

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