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The Double Roller Powerhead drastically reduces drag and bulk compared to other side by side or partly offset double roller designs, making it one of the neatest and lowest profile on the market.

The revolutionary inline design allows the rubbers to hug the barrel in a tight and circular way for a low profile fit.

With 2 x 14 mm rubbers set to full pretension it will launch an 8 mm shaft at exceptionally high velocity. With 2 x 15 mm small ID or 2 x 16 mm progressive rubbers, it will drive an 8.5 mm shaft at very high speed on spearguns ranging from 100 to 140 cm.

A 7.5 mm shaft can also be used with reduced pretension on 14 mm rubbers.

Best suited for hunting large pelagic fish. The lightweight 2 mm carbon fiber brackets not only protect the rollers and bearings from impact, they can also be turned inside out to swap between glossy or matte finish. One piece 40% glass filled nylon design, built in anchor point for a bungee line with a 3.2 mm reel line guide, along with an easy and fast left or right loading system. Ideally paired with barrels having a 3-3.5mm track height.

The new ceramic bearings are smooth and low friction for maximum power transfer and ease in loading.

The encapsulated ceramic balls stop sand and saltwater damage, are virtually maintanence free, and come with a lifetime warranty.

By eliminating recoil and generating more than double the power for a given barrel length, a roller power head offers greater accuracy, penetration, range and manueverability.

Utilizes 100% of the barrel length to propel the spear.

Along with pretensioned rubbers and a greater rubber stretch to spear weight ratio yield significantly more power.

Any Euro/South African speargun with a cylindrical removable muzzle can be converted into a roller speargun with this system.

The kit is available in your choice of black, white, blue, or red muzzle/wheel colors.

14mm small ID reactive rubber, one adapter, 3 different types of Dyneema lines for installation, stainless fittings and easy to follow indepth rigging instructions.

2 wraps of shooting line with a reel or 2.5 wraps with a breakway bungee system is recommended.

Select the appropriate adapter size by measuring the inner diameter of the speargun barrel.

14mm rubber is ideal for either a 7.5mm or 8mm shaft for guns up to 115cm in length

15mm rubber is better suited for an 8 or 8.5 mm shaft in the 100-120cm barrel length

16mm rubber should only be used for an 8.5mm shaft with a 110-120cm length barrrel


*14 & 16mm rubber comes in all 5 colors

*15mm rubber only comes in red, white , or black 

Manny Sub Double Roller Conversion Kit w/ Ceramic Bearings

Muzzle Color
Roller Color
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