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Marko with Ono.heic

I love Unko Brian's guns! He brings together a lifetime of knowledge and experience, utilizing the best components on the market. I initially purchased a 110cm double roller and liked it so much, that I bought a 90cm single roller for my wife! Both guns are ideal for the waters we hunt in California, big fish in low visibility. The 110cm DR is rigged with twin 16mm bands, shooting either a 8mm double flopper or 8-8.5 threaded shaft with slip tip. This configuration has given me accurate shots past 20', with enough power to punch through a thick fish. The 90cm SR is a super light reef gun. I've rigged it with a 7mm slip tip setup and 15mm bands. Shoots like a laser! My wife got her first WSB with it. Great for those creepy, low vis days in kelp.

I'm a spearfishing fanatic, having spear fished for over 30 years. I've owned and tested most conventional guns on the market. Had some bad experiences with rollers early on and abandoned the idea. 

After using Brian's guns, I don't think I would go back to a conventional set up again. The advantages now outweigh the perceived complexity. Namely I'm impressed with the low recoil, shaft speed, and accuracy at distance. Also much lighter and easier to dive/track with than my 3 banded conventional rear handle. 

If you want more power out of shorter, lighter gun, with less recoil, talk to Unko Brian! He will take the time to discuss your hunting style, target species, and set up options. 

Marko Alexandrou

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