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Tropical Island


What Customers Have To Say

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When your life depends on your equipment, it is crucial to have the best possible tool for the job. Brian has constructed a speargun formula that is unprecedented in the spearfishing community. Containing the highest quality parts, sourced internationally. He masterfully constructs each gun, based upon countless hours in the water, and decades of experience experimenting with a wide range of guns. I cannot stress enough, that only when you combine these two features, do you achieve the results that I've been experiencing. If there is one fish in the ocean that will put your gear to the ultimate test, it's the Dog Tooth Tuna.

I have been living off the ocean, targeting these fish for the past 6 months with my UC 120 IR and have been shocked with the results. Landing multiple triple digit fish, with some shots being taken nearly 20ft away. The pin point accuracy is something I've never experienced before. Combined with the sheer power of this gun, packed into such a small package; makes it my weapon of choice when hunting large pelagics. I've never had a gun that checks all the boxes of penetration, power, accuracy, and maneuverability quite like my UC 120 IR. I genuinely believe this gun gives me a competitive advantage over the fish I'm targeting and I couldn't recommend it more. Thank you Unko Brian for revolutionizing the speargun industry!


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