17-4PH hardened stainless steel, much harder than untreated stainless slip tips, making it less likely for the base or point to bend or break in the event of impact with the bottom or bone.

Razor sharp, tri-cut tip for blasting through thick skin, gill plates, and bones of larger pelagic fish.

Dyneema rope: 1.7mm x 12 strand 100% pure dyneema, double spliced all the way past the knot (total of 3.4mm) providing a 1,892 lb breaking strain. Beefy stainless steel slide ring.

CNC machined base supplied with a stainless steel wrench to screw and unscrew the slip tip base in the water or on deck.

Self centering base, when coupled with LG Sub threaded shafts. This system allows the base to be perfectly centered and straight on the thread of the shaft . This greatly improves the slip tip accuracy for long range shots.

Extremely low tolerances between the point and base for a perfect fit, which translates to less movement, consistent disengagement of the sliptip, and greater accuracy. If you leave 4cm/1 1/2” of the threaded shaft hanging off the front of the muzzle, you will end up with a perfect 7 1/4” overhang.

LG Sub Tri-cut Slip Tip Rigged with 1.7mm Dyneema