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The Manny sub double roller speargun has a slim profile, is light weight, super functional, solidly constructed, laser accurate, and extremely powerful. The low recoil allows you to shoot the gun one handed without the need to stiffen up the wrist before the shot. The revolutionary offset/inline double roller muzzle brings new features never before seen on a production double roller gun. This double roller muzzle design is the smallest and lightest in its class. It allows the rubbers to hug the barrel in a tight and circular way to achieve a very low profile fit. This drastically reduces drag and bulk compared to any other side by side or partly offset double roller design currently available. These features make it very maneuverable, especially when diving deep, hunting in strong current, rough conditions, or with fast moving fish. The speargun is also very light, making it ideal to transport on planes. The attention to detail and finish needs to be seen to be appreciated. No shortcuts on quality were taken on any of the components used. The new Manny sub double roller gun allows extremely powerful setups with very low recoil. With 2x14mm reactive rubbers, it will launch an 8mm shaft at exceptionally high velocity. With 2x15mm small ID or 2 x16mm progressive rubbers, it will drive an 8.5mm shaft at very high speed on spearguns ranging from 100 to 130 cm. A 7.5mm spear shaft can also be used with reduced pretension on 14mm rubbers. These setups will satisfy the most demanding spearos. This speargun is best used for hunting large pelagics like Tuna, Bill fish, Wahoo, Cobia, Kingfish, Mackerel in open water, or any heavily scale armoured reef fish at longer range. The full-size, lightweight 2mm carbon fiber roller brackets will protect the rollers from side impacts. These can also be turned inside out to swap between glossy or matte carbon finish to match similarly finished carbon barrels. The new double roller muzzle features a built in anchor point for a bungee line, as well as a generous 3.2 mm reel line guide, along with an easy and fast left or right wing loading system.

Manny sub double roller speargun specifications:

Shaft: 8mm hardened spring stainless steel with 5 shark fins, tri cut tip, and double offset floppers. One of the shark fins is placed in the middle of the shaft to help during the loading process, making this roller speargun very versatile. These shafts are factory certified straight, with an amazing finish and high attention to detail.

Barrel: Foam filled, 2mm thick, 30mm OD matte black carbon fiber with built in track for maximum stiffness and minimal weight.

Handle: The glass filled nylon handle comes standard with a loading butt and an ergonomic right hand grip with thumb rest, making it much more comfortable compared to other generic grips. The stainless steel reverse trigger mechanism provides an extra 5cm of band stretch for extra power, along with a polished stainless trigger cassette, line release, and trigger. The white handle grip makes it easier to locate underwater. A trigger sensitivity adjustment allows you to adjust the trigger travel.

Bearings: Full ceramic bearings make it a bit easier to load, while adding a bit more power, smoothness, and reliability. We are so confident in these bearings that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Rubbers: 14mm small id red reactive rubbers are a bit snappy and can be stretched to 400% without collapsing.

Shooting line: 2.5 wraps of Manny sub 1.7mm / 430kg heavy duty stiff dyneema shooting line, set up for breakaway. This line has excellent abrasion resistant qualities and incredible durability.

Manny Sub 110cm Double Roller Speargun with 8mm Double Flopper Spear Shaft

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