If you’ve ever purchased a speargun and been disappointed with either its components or performance, look no further; the Unko custom is here to fulfill your desire for an accurate, reliable, properly configured roller speargun. I’ve sourced premium components from various countries and manufacturers to build the ultimate fish killing weapon. This gun features a foam filled-90cm Sigalsub carbon fiber barrel. The Sigalsub Nemesis handle with its integrated pretension line anchoring point and reel mount. Manny Sub single roller muzzle with ceramic bearings. White, 15mm small inner diameter reactive rubber at 395% stretch. 1.4mm stiff dyneema shooting line. Ermes 50m reel, spooled with Sigalsub 2mm dyneema. LG Sub 7mm x 130cm single flopper shaft with a 6 1/2” overhang. All components are available separately if you’d like to either upgrade your existing gun, or care to assemble it yourself.

Unko Customs 90cm Single Roller