The all new Manny sub 8.5mm custom spear shafts are superbly finished. The attention to detail needs to be seen to be believed. These are among the few shafts in the market that are factory certified for straightness. A perfectly straight shaft will greatly improve the accuracy of the speargun. A new feature to this shaft is a welded D bridge, which provides an alternative location to connect the shooting line. Thanks to the rounded shape of the wire bridge, shooting lines like dyneema or monofilament will not break as easily and therefore last much longer. When fighting big fish, generally the main wear and tear area on shooting lines is where it connects onto the spear shaft, due to sharp edges and burrs. This new option will greatly reduce wear and as a result reduce the loss of the shaft and a trophy fish. Welded shark fins deliver ultimate strength to the shaft. Unlike traditional cut out notches, they don’t cause a weak spot. This makes the shaft less likely to break and bend at the notches when fighting big fish.The back shark fin is welded further back than conventional shafts.This system provides 5cm of extra stretch for the main rubber and 15cm of extra stretch for the second rubber, a total of 20cm of extra rubber stretch when using a double rubber gun. This significantly increases the velocity and range of the speargun.The back shark fin comes with a pre-drilled hole as an alternative location for connecting the shooting line. This option makes it suitable for all spearguns with enclosed tracks. The first shark fin is located in the middle of the shaft, 65 cm from the back. The second shark fin is positioned in the middle between the first and last shark fin. The 5 mini shark fins make loading a lot easier.Three of these shark fins are near each other making this layout also suitable for 3 or 4 rubber conventional multi band spearguns. Thanks to the position of the last shark fin, two bridals can be overlapped on top of one another on the same shark fin, the other two bridals will fit just in front of it on the other 2 shark fins. You can easily power down the roller system when shooting smaller fish near the bottom if required. This dramatically increases the versatility of the speargun.The hardened stainless steel used in the manufacture of these spears has excellent corrosion resistance. These shafts do not rust and are suitable for all European/South African handles

8.5mm x 140cm Threaded Spear Shaft