17-4 PH hardened spring stainless steel shaft with three (3.5mm high) mini shark fin tabs. 3 different location options to rig your dyneema shooting line. The first shark fin is located in the middle of the shaft, making it easier to load and power down. The second shark fin is centered in between the first and last shark fin. The back shark fin comes with a pre-drilled hole as an alternative place for connecting shooting line. This option makes it suitable for all spearguns with enclosed tracks. It's welded further back than conventional shafts, providing an additional 5cm/2 inches of rubber stretch. Two wishbones can be overlapped and loaded onto the rearmost shark fin due to its unique design. The 3.25 inch long, hardened stainless steel flopper has a 3/32 inch pin welded on each side to ensure greater reliability and perfect tuning. All shafts are factory certified for straightness. The ideal shaft overhang is 6-8 inches. Choose the appropriate shaft length based upon the configuration of your speargun. If you’re not sure what size to get, just ask. Can be used on any roller or conventional muzzle, open or enclosed track speargun that accept euro notched shafts. Pencil point tip for excellent penetration and easy sharpening.

Hunt 7mm x 150cm Roller Speargun Shafts